Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Character studies 2009

This post has been almost a year in the making. The sketches shown are a sampling of quick daily character studies I've done in 2009. I've much enjoyed the daily effort of drawing someone's likeness and find now that I frequently analyze the facial features of those who cross my path. Red pencil sketches are all studies done without reference material and 12-24 hours after having done an initial study on a person's likeness. I have become fascinated with the mind and how it is able to remember features, shapes and form.


Tiffany, Lea, Diane, Jenna, Steve

Tiger, Justin, Matt, Shia, Napoleon, Ryan

Andre, Roger, Brooke

Sophia, Audrey

Brando and Will with and without reference. The Brando reference is one of my most favorite without reference sketch.

Shaq and Kobe.

Julia and Jessica. These are two of my first red pencil sketches without reference material. Likenesses are somewhat recognizable, but I don't particularly care for these sketches any longer.

Reese, Leo, Nadine, Raquel, Charlise, Janica

Obama, George

John, Karl, Michael, Yao, David

Bill and Dan. Dan's blue sketch is quite awful; however somehow I feel like I executed his likeness without reference material quite well in red the next day.

Selma, Lindsey, Joan, Sandra

Beyonce, Elisha, Adriana, Kirsten

Natalie, Eva, Eva, Alyssa, Jennifer, Halle

Jenny, Thandie, Penelope, Barbara, Michelle, Natalie

Ashton, Drew, Demi

Kiera, Hermoine, Ron

Ralph, Pat, Tom

Angelina, Brad

Kathy, Cindy

Megan, Evangeline, Walter, Michael

Simon, Ryan, Paula

Sean, Alicia, Mike, Terrell

Josh, Michael

Neil, Paul, Ed, Robert

Tom, Katie, Matthew, Sarah

George, Jack, Donald, Harrison, Conan, Deiter

Pat, Vanna, Alex, Jerry, Michael, Jason, Julia

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