Saturday, November 29, 2008

Go Jazz!

I always got into the team character drawings as a kid. Not sure I picked the best season to characterize the Jazz, but it made for a great desktop wallpaper this year on the Jazz website. I sketched everyone in my sketchbook--sometimes multiple times--after which I scanned the sketches into the computer and tied everything together by redrawing everything with the Wacom tablet. I wanted to leave this looking as if it were drawn with a ballpoint pen, maybe by some fan drawing this all on the inside of his personal pan pizza while sitting on the sidelines watching the Jazz play.

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rsnarr said...

Ever since I was little I've loved the combination of character illustration and sports. Here is one for the home team. You'll notice Coach Sloan is the wise man building his house upon the rock with a couple members of the team indicating the floods coming up.