Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Logos for kids

Each of my kids has a logo. It is unveiled once they are born. I decided that I wanted to give them something special on top of the name that we chose for them. My oldest daughter is named Alyssa Kathryn. She is our AliKat. Her logo is a combination of simple shapes (a balance between hard and soft edges). I pictured this balance coming out in her personality. She is 3.5 now and so far so good. She is very head strong and determined at times (hard edges), and at the same time a very thoughtful, meek, humble, tender, and cuddly (soft edges). Her first name is much more contemporary than her middle name (her grandmother’s name) just like the balance of the shapes in the logo. It makes a great abbreviated nickname as well. She has recognized this symbol everywhere we’ve placed it since she could first speak. We gave my second daughter Anna a strong name that could stand all on it’s own and a strong mark to go along with it. There is a balance in space with this mark as well as strong/soft elements. Soft color, strong straight lines, thicker line strokes, and rounded edges. Each arching letter in this mark represents the doors of opportunity we have in life. Some of them we have to open and others are opened for us. Doors have been especially interesting to me since visiting the campus of Yale University in New Haven CT. Each door on that campus has its own personality.

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